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Prospecting Resources
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Building A Better Business
Advisor Solutions: Building a Better Business – Mastering the 8 Most Important Facets (Time Management, Prospecting, Relationship Building, Marketing, Client Service, Product Knowledge, Portfolio Management ) of Your Advisory Practice with Dan Finley, President and Co-Founder of Advisor Solutions

Getting Beyond the Production Plateau
Many veteran advisors are busy managing their clients, and one day, they realize their business has hit a production plateau. You may be neglecting an important area--prospecting. If your business is not growing, it's dying. Fortunately, if you make the time to revitalize your business, Dan Finley can show you key steps you can take to get beyond the production plateau as well as how to implement them.

Getting Prospects to Return Your Calls
In this webinar, Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling, provides time tested techniques for getting your calls returned so that you can turn prospects into clients

Inner Game of Prospecting: How to Overcome Call Reluctance
Sales Call Reluctance is about more than just the cold call. It is also about the emotional hesitation to prospect and promote yourself, which limits your ability to follow through, ask for referrals, recommend a higher-priced option, prospect an upscale center-of-influence and create relationships with strategic alliance partners. The good news is Sales Call Reluctance is learned, and it can be unlearned. In this session, Connie Kadansky identifies three of the most expensive types of Sales Call Reluctance and four blocks that put the brakes on prospecting activity. More importantly, you receive proven techniques to overcome your Sales Call Reluctance and achieve prospecting results.

More Leads, More Clients, More Sales
A training webinar presented by Annette Bau, CFP® you will learn: The secret to increase your income, grow your business and have more free time, How to create a model that attracts your ideal client and converts them so you don't have to chase them, The elevator/introductory speech that engages your ideal prospect and gets results, Why most business owners and consultants fail when it comes to lead generation (and how you can avoid this fatal mistake)

The Art of Prospecting
Does the thought of prospecting leave you overwhelmed and exhausted? Change that in minutes with these proven strategies from Steve Kloyda. Acquire the single best "Phone Approach" that separates you from the competition in seconds. Discover how to get...and stay... out of "voice-mail hell." Learn how to apply Steve's "Formula for Success" to objections and the single best closing strategy. Steve has developed, implemented, refined and tested his top sales and prospecting strategies from over 30 years of experience and one million telephone calls.

The Business Benefits of a Pipeline Mentality
Create customers by filling your company's pipeline with customers-in-the-making

Addicted to Rejection
If you don't receive a high number of rejections, you will not achieve a high level of success

The Key Attributes of Top Performers
The best advisors are proactive, likable, own the sales process, prospect brilliantly and fully expect to succeed.

Demystifying CPA Alliances: The Importance of Trust
Keep these six tips in mind when building a professional alliance with a CPA and watch your referrals grow.

Holding Workshops
Where you conduct these classes really matters.

Ideas to Help You Sell More
Use these two great ideas to help rev up your sales numbers

Getting the Wealthy Investor to Hire You
3 possible reasons high-net-worth investors will choose to do business with you

Making An Effective Call Back
Use the prospect's own words from your previous conversation about what he liked and how it made him feel.

Ideas to Expand Your Practice
These helpful hints will demonstrate your value as a trusted advisor

My Golden Rules for Prospecting
Prospecting is a never ending process. Here's how successful producers keep their prospecting pipeline full.

Building a Loyal Client Base with Millennials
Start by accepting their definition of wealth, proving your worth and placing a high value on transparency.

Build the Relationship Before the Sale
People who know and like you are more likely to talk openly about their plans and goals than others.

Ideas for a Profitable Practice
For most agents and advisors, their biggest challenges are finding prospects and persuading them to buy the financial protection they need. 

Articulating Your Value
Think like your prospects-first, think about why they buy, and then about what you have to sell.

Attracting and Serving Today's High-Net-Worth Clients
Wealth no longer lives where it once did--so start modeling your practice accordingly. 

Becoming a Networking Success
The key is to overcome your fear of networking, set a goal, and always be the first to give. 

 Turning Clients Into Effective Advocates
Enhance the value of your client experience, show them how to introduce you to others, and cross-educate them frequently.

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