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January President's Message

Friday, January 6, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Shane Westhoelter, AEP, CLU, LUTCF
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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 

2016 has proven to be a challenging year, but 2017 will be even more challenging, as we face new administrative changes at both the State and National Level. NAIFA-California is on an upward trend.  We have made great strides this past year toward improving our value adds, repairing areas that needed focus and creating stability in our future.  The financials are getting stronger and the membership continues to grow.  We cannot take it for granted, as hard work has been going on at every local to help make the state great once again.  2017 is a year for us to make it known around the country that California is proud, strong and committed to grow forward.

DOL: NAIFA National is working hard to protect our interests.  They will be asking for a postponement from the new administration.  It is hopeful that it will be granted, possibly a 60-day postponement that could then allow for a second request later for up to a year postponement allowing for additional modifications and changes.  Two critical roles will need to be appointed by President-Elect Trump: The head of DOL and the head of the SEC.  Both of these appointments are vital for our industry and the future of DOL regulations.  Hopefully, he will appoint heads of those departments that will be more in our favor than against.  Kevin M. Mayeux, CEO of NAIFA, and his leadership team are personally meeting with President-Elect Trump and his administration to continue to fight for our wishes.  We must continue to be a loud voice on Capitol Hill and do our part in supporting our lobbyists, contribute to PAC and support PIC.  This is not a National fight; this is a fight that every member of NAIFA needs to be willing to step up do their part.  PLEASE make your PAC contribution and consider increasing your contribution to the next level.  Every dollar helps, and we need every member making a contribution to the PAC.

SB1234:  This California bill is now in effect.  We need to continue to make our voice heard, as there are still unresolved issues with this bill. The investment committee is still not in place, the investment choices have not been decided, the final enrollment and reporting process is still under review. These are just a few of the items, so we need to continue to be watchful and involved.

Communication: We need to do a better job at getting our message out to members and non-members. We need to clearly define NAIFA and WIIFM. The value add must be strong, easy to understand and communicated frequently. Let’s find a common brand message, common talking points and a way to communicate to every licensed person in our industry that being a NAIFA member is not an option, it is a MUST!

Locals: Many locals are doing a great job with programs, community outreach and driving membership. This is what matters most. Continue to provide the great value at the local level so your members are inspired, encouraged and see the value of NAIFA.

Membership: We continue to lead the national federation as #1. Thank you for working hard to drive membership and keep the renewals. I strongly believe we are making a turn upward once again.  s a member of NAIFA since 1989, I believe we are the best professional industry organization to belong to. Get some pride, and be vocal about your belief in NAIFA. We do not have a membership problem in NAIFA – we have a Membership Ask problem. Let’s Ask – Ask – Ask those who are not members to join today.

FUN: We need to bring back the brother-sisterhood many can attest has been a value of NAIFA. We do not talk about that, but a price tag should be placed on the value of the network relationships we all have, as a result of NAIFA. If it were not for NAIFA, I would not be a success, I would not know most of you and I would not have friends across the nation professionally. It was because of NAIFA I had access to sales ideas, conferences, sponsors' products and personal friendships that have served me well over the years.

Lastly, I want to change the paradigm and have you think out of the box.  We have thousands of untapped membership opportunities. Why have we not spent time going after financial planners, CPA’s, Attorneys, Trust Officers, Bankers and the many others in our industry who hold insurance or securities licenses? ALL who should be members of NAIFA. Just like I was told early on in my career, the secret to success was simple: Just see the people, see the people, see the people and remember to ask them to write the check.

We can decide to let things happen or make things happen. Those who know me well know that I do not sit around and let things happen. I will do all that I can to make things happen. Together we will begin to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and MAKE NAIFA-California the POSTER STATE of the NEW and IMPROVED NAIFA!

Happy 2017!

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