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President's Message

Tuesday, April 5, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Peter J. Buechler
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The pending fiduciary rule final wording should be arriving later this week. With the wording, we will see NAIFA again spring into action to continue to advocate for our ability to serve our clients. Although there has been much maligning of our industry by some misinformed legislators and regulators, the large majority of our civil servants recognize the tremendous value we as bring to our country.

NAIFA members and our lobbyists continue to do an incredible job of making sure our positive message of protecting families, businesses and retirements by giving sound financial advice is heard louder than false narratives of “commission hungry” agents and “snake oil salesmen.” Although NAIFA has been making headway as the voice of the agent, there is still work to be done. Without continued, sustained action, I am concerned that our ability to serve our clients and the number of clients being served will be dramatically reduced. Less planning and less advisors in a marketplace that is woefully lacking effective security and retirement planning is a recipe for disaster for our industry and frankly, our country as a whole.

Although some may think, “There’s nothing I can do,” let me assure you, there is much you can do to fight for your industry and your livelihood, and NAIFA is here to help you take action. Here's how…

Join NAIFA You’ve already taken the first step and are a member of the LARGEST political action organization advocating for agents and advisors in the United States. If you are an agency manager/owner, please connect with every single person under and above you and have them join NAIFA as well. If you work with a BGA/IMO, make sure the brokerage director you send your business is also a member of NAIFA. If you use a paramedic service, make sure they are a member or sponsor of NAIFA. You get the picture—if you work with someone who benefits from your efforts, they should be supporting you and our industry. DO NOT take NO for an answer; both yours and their livelihoods depend on us.

Respond to NAIFA’s Action Alerts These will come in the form of requests to contact your state and federal legislators. When you get these emails or phone calls, don’t put it in the “for later” pile — put it at the top of the stack as if your career depended on it, because in many respects, it does.

Attend State and Federal Days on the Hill The NAIFA-California Day on the Hill on Feb. 24 was amazing. We made real connections that will pay dividends within the State Legislature. May 24-25 is the Congressional Conference in Washington. You need to be there. It’s that simple. We are facing the biggest threat to our industry I have ever seen and without a strong showing from NAIFA, the leader on these matters, I fear we will be subjected to the whims of the ignorant and uneducated. Go to to register for the fly-in.

Give to IFAPAC You’re a member, thank you; you are involved, double thanks; now it’s time to put some skin in the game. The PAC dollars you contribute are incredibly important to our advocacy efforts. I am involved with the decision making process at the state level on what we give and why, and I can assure you that we are incredibly strategic in our giving to afford us the maximum impact on matters that will affect our industry.

Thank you for your membership and all you do to ensure the strength and continuity of our incredible industry. 

Peter J. Buechler

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