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February President's Message

Friday, February 12, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Peter J. Buechler, CFP, CLU, ChFC, FLMI, AAPA
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My NAIFA membership has evolved over the years and I suspect yours has as well. When I first joined NAIFA 16 years ago, I joined because Peter Holden, past NAIFA-California President and my boss at the time, said, “You’re joining NAIFA and attending this meeting.” Peter could be very persuasive, especially since he was signing my paychecks. After attending a few local meetings, I continued to be involved because I enjoyed the sales ideas and connecting with agents in my local.  It didn’t hurt that they had social events and a free beer or two as well as some other like-minded professionals who also enjoyed a free beer or two. It wasn’t long before another NAIFA member, Jason Mericle, approached me to be on the local NAIFA board. Not knowing any better, I said, “yes” and my NAIFA evolution continued.

I saw the inner workings of what NAIFA does on a daily basis, fighting for our ability to plan for and secure our clients’ futures. As I continued on the local board, I got a call from another NAIFA peer, Liz Lee, daughter of Larry Lee and a YAT just like myself. Liz was doing something called LILI, or the Leadership in Life Institute, and thought I should get involved as well.  Again, not knowing any better, I said “yes.” I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that attending LILI made a dramatic positive improvement in my life both personally and professionally. After my stint on the local board, I stepped away from NAIFA leadership roles until yet again, a NAIFA peer called me. This time it was Jill Judd, Past NAIFA-California President and NAIFA Trustee. Jill wanted to know if I was interested in getting involved on the California State Board. Once again, not knowing any better, I said, “Yes” and once again my NAIFA evolution continued. My time on the state board has been incredibly fulfilling, providing me the opportunity to connect with many incredible people across our great state.

As I look back at my evolution in NAIFA, there are a few things that stick out. One, I don’t really know how to say “no” and two, someone involved with NAIFA reached out to me and asked me to get involved. Even though I was the person who stepped up when asked, I am almost certain that had I not been asked, I probably wouldn’t have stepped up or even know what opportunities were available.

Why have I told you the story of my NAIFA evolution?  Because I want to be part of your NAIFA story. I want you to look back and remember how Pete asked you to get involved, and how it made a positive impact on your life and career. How can you get involved you may ask? Join your NAIFA peers, and me, on February 24 in Sacramento for our Day on the Hill. See what NAIFA does in action, see how we fight for our industry, meet with our insurance commissioner, be more learned than your competitors on issues that affect your clients and maybe, just maybe, meet a few like-minded professionals and enjoy a beer or two (after our meetings with legislators of course). 

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